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Web Design

Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and Hosting

Your business representation online.

Your website is the face of your business on the internet. The design is what will give your visitors their first impression of your business.

When we design a website we take into account your existing branding, your business personality and how you want to portray yourself to the outside world.

Colours and Fonts

It is important to use colours throughout the website that match your company's branding. We can calculate a colour scheme that will compliment your branding and give a positive impression of your business.

A font style can say a lot about your business, and help a visitor to quickly decide whether to take you seriously or not. Fonts should also be inline with existing branding but should also be clear and easy to read.


We design layouts to help you to most effectively sell your products or services. We plan our layouts to fit your content sensibly and to be familiar with common user experiences.


A visitor will come to your website for one purpose and that is to solve a problem they are having. Some common problems visitors want solving are:

It is important a visitor can solve their problem quickly and easily, hence the importance for good website navigation. If a user cannot solve their problem easily on your website they will simply leave and go to a competitor.

We always endeavour to keep a website as user friendly as possible and design navigation to be sensible by placing features where a user would expect them to be.


To avoid confusing a visitor it is important to keep a website consistent in terms of colours, layout, fonts and navigation. When a visitor goes from page to page they expect to have an idea of how each page they visit will look and feel.

Good design is about much more than a website looking pretty. It is also about how comfortable a user feels on your website and how easily they can achieve their objective. If you would like to discuss a web design project with us then please get in touch.