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SEO & Online Marketing

SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media

Making the most out of your website

SEO and online marketing are complex subjects, but when executed correctly the rewards can be huge. SoftSync Design have an ethical and unique but proven way to get positive results from online marketing.

Where many agencies simply stop at an ineffective SEO campaign containing false promises, we go much further and provide a full digital marketing experience for you and your customer.

Stage 1 - Impressions and Exposure

The first step to any online campaign is to get the website to display in search engines. We try to get this to work best on a couple of most relevant keywords but also for a number of less relevant results too. The reason for this is to spread out the likelihood of your website appearing in a search.

Which is better? A total of 60 impressions from 2 keywords, or 90 impressions from 4 keywords?

Organic SEO

Organic SEO works by getting the website to naturally display in search results for relevant key words. In the long run this is most cost effective as the only financial outlay is paying for the SEO work - there is no cost per click to your website.

Our experts are highly skilled with organic SEO and can get you the best realistic results for you budget. If you would like to discuss how we could help you with organic SEO then please get in touch.

Pay per Click

Pay per click works by showing your website in a search engine's paid advertising section of results for a particular keyword. It is good in the short term for bringing in traffic to your website while your organic SEO is still in its infancy, however it can get expensive if you're in a competitive market.

Our experts can optimise your pay per click marketing to get you the best value for your pay per click marketing budget. If you would like to discuss how we could help you with pay per click then please get in touch.

Banners and Advertising Networks

SEO is not the only way of driving traffic to your website online. There are many advertising networks who will allow you to do pay per impression and pay per click advertising to your desired target markets. This involves showing a text or graphical based banner on another website promoting your services. It can be an additional and beneficial way of promoting your website online. If you would like to discuss how we could help you with banners and advertising networks then please get in touch.

Stage 2 - Drawing in the User

An impression in search engine results, or a nice fancy banner is only part of the battle in terms of getting a user to your website. They need to be given a reason to visit your website.

An effective way to draw a user in is to give them an incentive. For example if your keyword is "buy dog toys" then rather than having your promotional text say only that, how about we give the user something more?

Buy Dog Toys - Website One
Buy Dog Toys - Free UK Delivery - Website Two

Which website above would you most likely decide to visit?

Step 3 - Closing the Sale

Once a user is on your website, the goal is to get them to complete the objective the website is used for. Do you own an ecommerce website wanting to generate an order, or a small brochure website looking for the enquiry?

This is where you get to see the return in your online marketing investment. If you are getting lots of traffic to your website and not very many enquiries or orders, then there is a key problem with your website. It could be a number of things from confusing functionality to poor branding or design, but it will be fixable. Although you will never achieve a 100% conversion rate of visitors to order or enquiries, from a business point of view the income generated from your marketing campaigns should exceed your marketing expenditure.

It is also important to remember that an ecommerce website can be assessed in terms of orders as it closes the sale online. A website purely generating enquiries can only be assessed on enquiries, as there is still the extra step of the sale being closed offline.

We are able to highlight any issues with your website, advise you on improvements and maximise your conversion rates to provide the best return on investment for you.

Step 4 - Retaining the Business

The best way to improve your return on marketing investment is to get your new customer to make repeat business with you. You only have to pay the marketing expense on a new customer once, after that the customer becomes even more profitable for you.

There are many ways to retain business from loyalty schemes, to simply building a trusting relationship with your customers. We can give you plenty of advice on the many methods we have at our disposal to help keep you customers loyal to you.

Effective Social Media

There are many organisations who have social media accounts for the sake of having one, usually because they have been convinced they "must be on Facebook" because everybody else is, or a competitor is. This is not true, as social networks are a form of media in the same way as traditional formats such as newspapers or television. Just as you don't need to advertise on every TV channel or in every newspaper, you don't need to have a presence on every social network. It comes down purely to:

There is nothing worse for a consumer who clicks a link to your Facebook or Twitter account and sees an incomplete or out of date page. The usual reasons such a thing occurs is the business does not have the time or resources to keep them up to date, or they have no information to place on there.

I Don't Have the Time or Resources to Keep My Social Media Up To Date

The easiest solution to this would be to do an analysis of your target market and your business to work out exactly where your users are and how long or how much money you can spend on your social media. You could also look at existing data you have on which networks provide the best conversion rates for you and ditch the ones that perform poorly.

If you work out your target audience are predominantly Twitter users and not likely to be on a network like Linked In then either ditch your Linked In account or don't set one up to begin with. The same can be said if you have social networks that don't provide any benefits (not just financially, but also in terms of brand awareness etc) then ditch them.

If you calculate you can only spend an hour a week on your social media activity, then the best thing to do is to choose one network and make a plan of what you want to achieve from this network. Your plan should include how you are going to use you time most effectively and what (realistic) goals you hope to reach.

I Don't Know What Information to Put On My Social Media

If you don't know what information to add to your social media pages it could be for one of two reasons. The first reason is that it is a medium you don't need to be using in which case, you could close it down.

The other reason could be you need help to find ideas to use your social media in a different way. You could employ a member of staff with a background in social media to be creative with how you promote yourself through it.

SoftSync Design have a team of dedicated and experienced social media experts who are more than happy to help you make the most of your social media advertising and promotions at reasonable rates. We have been helping businesses make the most of social media for a number of years. If you would like to discuss how we could help you with social media then please get in touch.

Working with Statistics

In order to produce an effective marketing campaign and maximise its potential for you, we will need to record data from your website. We collect data using Google Analytics and use this data to find out what is working well and what needs improving on your website.

We give you full access to all the data we collect and can generate reports for you to view and analyse.

Get In Touch

We are extremely passionate about running effective SEO and digital marketing campaigns. If you would like to discuss how we could help market your website then please get in touch. We look forward to speaking to you!